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Michael A. Burstein Michael A. Burstein (President) is a science textbook editor, science fiction writer, and former teacher of physics and astronomy. In his career as a writer, he is the winner of the 1997 Campbell Award for Best New Writer and has earned ten Hugo nominations and two Nebula nominations for his short fiction, which appears mostly in Analog magazine. Burstein lives with his wife Nomi in the town of Brookline, Massachusetts, where he is an elected Town Meeting Member and Library Trustee. He has degrees in Physics from Harvard College and Boston University.

Nomi S. Burstein (Vice-President) is a technical writer, freelance editor, and answerer of questions. She and her husband Michael live in Brookline, Massachusetts. Nomi has her own home in cyberspace at, from which she runs her sideline business, AskNomi. Her quest for answers nets her knowledge of both the mundane and the obscure. Nomi also has a home on LiveJournal, under the handle gnomi.

Sean P. Fodera Sean P. Fodera (New York Regional Coordinator) is a publishing professional and published science fiction writer. He was formerly the Director of Electronic Publishing for a major publishing house where he was responsible for several advances in the field of electronic publishing, including the first use of electronic galleys, the first autographable ebook, and the first effort to print anti-electronic piracy notices in trade books. He lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and two children.

Bob Graham (Senior Planetologist) is an editor of science textbooks.

Sharon Sbarsky (Webmaster) is a webmaster since 1996.

Steven H Silver (Planetary Defender)